The BemaTec TORNADO II is specially designed for treating and recycling textile products and the long fibers of annual plants such as cotton, linen, hemp and jute.




Figure 1 illustrates the Tornado II operating in continuous mode, treating cotton linter fibers, for example.

The first treatment consists in recirculating the stock through the Tornado II alone, to break up the entangled fibers and start cutting the fibers roughly in order to shorten them.

Next, the Claflin refiner is used to obtain the precise fiber length required.

This second diagram, of two-phase operation, illustrates the batch treatment of fibers such as cotton, cotton comber waste, textile fibers from annual plants, etc.

The combined functions of the Tornado II during phase 1 guarantee that stocks that are difficult to treat are broken down as efficiently as possible from the outset.

In phase 2, the Claflin refiner is used to obtain the fiber length required for the subsequent process.

The specific Tornado II / Claflin system has long since proved its efficiency for treating various “exotic” and difficult fibers. It is simple and easy to use, for a very reasonable investment.

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